20 Amazing Tricks you Never Knew Existed on Whatsapp Messenger

There are indeed so many Tricks I could bet you never knew existed on the Whatsapp Messenger Platform. Although you must have come across one or two extra buttons on the Whatsapp Messenger but had no idea it could be a lucky button.

The Whatsapp Messenger team, on a daily basis, updates their platform for better users experience. The changes in these occasional updates and feature might not be known to us the users, except we check ourselves. Thus, the occasional requests from the Whatsapp Team, to update our Whatsapp Messenger App.

Right on this post, I will be telling you, extensively, most of these New Tricks on Whatsapp Messenger that you might not have known. Most of the Tricks and Features might not be a new update though, just that you might be seeing it for the first time; which makes it ‘New’ to you.

The Amazing Features and Tricks on Whatsapp Messenger

1. Dodge the Blue Ticks (Read a message without the sender knowing)

WhatsApp’s ticks show when your sent messages have been delivered (one grey tick), received (two grey ticks) and read (two blue ticks). Unfortunately, it also makes it tough to ignore somebody without upsetting them; they will always be notified when you read their messages.

Fortunately, there are ways to covertly read your messages, without those blue ticks appearing on your friend’s screen. It’s pretty interesting dodging your friends’ messages, although you’ve read them, it’s really frustrating when you don’t get to know when they have read yours. Oh yes!… that’s what it actually does.

In as much as you read without notifying, they can read equally without notifying you. If really you can bear not seeing your messages when they are been read, then it’s worth trying.

dodge the blue ticks on Whatsapp Messenger

DIRECTION>> Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts and uncheck the box.

However, bear in mind that by hiding your own read receipts, you’ll also lose the ability to see when your own sent messages have been read.

2. Check who’s read your group messages

This particular Trick on Whatsapp Messenger is what I’ve particularly loved more, especially when you are too inquisitive to make sure some selected persons get to read your Whatsapp group messages.

Track your Whatsapp Group, messages to know who and who have seen your messages

Check who's read your group messages

DIRECTION>> On Android, Long-press your sent message > Tap on the Information button.

This will show you exactly who has read your message and when.

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3. Hide your ‘last seen’

This is one of the great Tricks on the Whatsapp Messenger platform that i love most. It Prevents your contacts from finding out when you were last online. As is the case with disabling read receipts, hiding your ‘last seen’ will also prevent you from seeing anybody else’s.

Hide your last seen on whatsapp messenger

DIRECTION>> Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Nobody.

4. Bold, Italicise and strike-through on all your messages

Beyond showing off, there’s no need to italicise your WhatsApp messages, or make them bold – all phone users know that’s what Caps Lock is for. However, if you have the finger speed and are willing to commit the commands to memory, you can Bold, Italicise or Strike-through your messages.

Bold, Italicize and strike-through on Whatsapp Messenger

DIRECTION>> To make a message bold, place it between two asterisks, like *this*. To italicise it, sandwich it between two underscores, like _this_. You can even strikethrough a message by placing tildes on either side of it, like ~this~.

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5. Make Use of Whatsapp Reply Feature

Have you ever received piles of messages from a friend asking for different things before you could reply? You might have wondered how to reply to all of his/her questions without contradicting or making him take a particular reply for another?

Using the Whatsapp messenger reply feature will help you to clearly reply to all of the messages.

whatsapp messenger reply feature

DIRECTION>> Tap the particular message you want to reply to and swipe to the right, type your reply and send.

6. Star any Message to revisit it later

Sometimes, an extremely important message might be sent to you through the Whatsapp Messenger, and you wonder how you could save it to refer in a week or months time. Most times, we often browse through a conversation in order to find a particularly important message.

The good thing is that we could have avoided the whole stress of long-scrolling just to pin a particular message. This is one of the particularly spectacular Tricks on Whatsapp Messenger to help you Pin or Starr an important message that you could be needing in the future.

Star any message on Whatsapp

DIRECTION>> long-press any message you wish to star to highlight it. >> Tap on the ‘Star’ icon that popped up at the top of the screen to star the message.

7. Transfer Files from Phone to PC and Vice Versa Via Whatsapp

This is one of the amazing Tricks on Whatsapp Messenger. You can easily transfer files to your PC, or from your PC, in the absence of USB cable or Xender. Of course, Bluetooth is an off point.

DIRECTION>> First of all, save your own phone number (from which you use WhatsApp ) on your phone with your name>> After saving you will see an option Message +1 *** with Whatsapp icon>> tap on the saved number to start a conversation with yourself just like you were having with your friends. You can also save notes to yourself just by messaging yourself.

Now how to transfer images from pc to mobile/mobile to pc

>> open web.whatsapp.com on your pc and scan the code.>> Try sending a message to yourself by tapping on the ‘attach files’, upload and send any image or file to yourself.

Same can be done to transfer mobile media to pc. Select and upload any file from your mobile and send it to yourself. It is that simple.

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