Whatsapp Girls Reloaded (Top Secrets) – 20 Types of Girls to Watch-out for Online

There are so many things you need to know about girls you meet on whatsapp. Whatsapp dating has gone over-rated, and we should be careful while relating with these people, most especially with the Whatsapp Girls.

On these post, i will be telling you the 20 things you need to know about different girls you meet on whatsapp, or any other social media.

Trails in Most Whatsapp Girls you have to Watch-out for

Type 1. The Desperate Girls.

You will be instantly attracted to this girl because she looks so cute and innocent in her picture. She seems normal during the first few conversations you share with her. Then the nightmare begins. She will continuously text and call you—at all hours of the day and night—to ask you if you’re mad at her and why you are ignoring her. If she cons you into a second date, she will most definitely be introducing you to her parents as “the one.” She will keep stalking you till you get fed up, without her even realizing she is doing so.

Type 2. The Daddy’s Girl.

She may be old and matured, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to spend quality time with Daddy.

n fact, not only does he financially subsidize her, but he’s also the first person she calls when her car breaks down, her boss yells at her, or she has an extra ticket to a concert.

Hey wait a second; isn’t that supposed to be your role? Then there’s the time you find Daddy polishing his machete collection and staring at you. When you break up with the Daddy’s girl, she doesn’t seem to notice; she’s off to Tahoe to ski with Dad that weekend.

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Type 3. The Cougar.

Whatsapp dating creates the perfect opportunity for older women to stalk their younger prey, and of course without being questioned. These older women are most likely to be divorcees or even grandmothers trying to return to their days of glory and of course has their plastic surgery receipts to prove it.
You are most likely to meet these women in whatsapp groups and chat rooms. steer clear!

Type 4. The Selfie Freak.

It’s not a law that you have to post a selfie before, during, and after every activity. However, most Whatsapp Girls that falls to this category are always freaked about uploading their every selfie online. The resulting likes, thumbs-ups, comments, and other ratings all get tallied, both in the stark arithmetic of the Internet and in their own minds. For some ladies, especially Whatsapp Girls, what starts as a fun way to document and share experiences can turn into an obsession about approval that can wreak havoc on self-image.

Type 5. The Status Freak.

These set of Whatsapp Girls are much similar to the selfie freaks. They are always obsessed with posting their every activity. Even when they sneeze, they would like to put it down on their status. These could be the most annoying set of people online.

Most things should be kept a secret. And more of security reasons, you should try curtail the information you give out to the public.

Be weary of these type of Whatsapp Girls who go about publicizing every of their moves. The internet freaks. They just see it as another part of the world.

Type 6. The Filter Maniacs.

This type of Whatsapp Girls uses the best camera lens and filter apps that completely changes what they look like online. They can take 20 shots but will only get to retain best filtered two. Should you go on a first date with her, you are most likely to walk right past her and insist to the hostess that she sat you at the wrong table. You will definitely be disappointed in their real looks.

Always watch-out for this type of Whatsapp Girls. 100% of their photo uploads are filtered. They are not just real.

Type 7. The Cake Face.

This type of Whatsapp Girls are the make-up freaks. These girls are more likely to be less attractive, but they use make-ups as their weapon. They are easily noticed because they are always on make-over in every of their photos, most especially at bed hours.

Most of them are always trying to hide one thing or another. Ranging from spots to their ugly faces. You should watch-out for this Whatsapp Girls.

Type 8. The Baggage Teasers.

These Whatsapp Girls try to tease off their emotional baggage on you. They try to love you so quick, and get you to fall so quick as well. Try not to give your heart to this type of  Whatsapp Girls, it can only end a disaster. They could be very dangerous.

She will eventually break your poor little heart and makes her way to her ex-boyfriend, by then you will realize you’ve been used for a rebound. Stay clear of these set of teasers on whatsapp.

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Type 9. The Play Girl.

This category of Whatsapp Girls has every aspect and qualities of a perfect girl. She is beautiful, attractive, charming, and has a good sense of humor.

These type of girls are absolutely capable of making a guy feel wanted.  They are classy, fashionable, fun to be with, and they has many friends who are mostly males.

she knows that so many people admire her, and she is playing with each of them; probably you too. She makes you feel you are too important and talks sweet on chat, but her actions most times says differently.  To her, you are just an extra guy to the ones that stalks around her.

Only that she does it so cleverly that you feel like you are the one who is doing something wrong. This type of Whatsapp Girls are never satisfied with their partner, and always craving for a new and better one.

She goes to you when she needs anything, but forgets you when she doesn’t need you. In time, you feel like you’ve been used, and if you don’t keep up to her expectations, she is definitely going to dump you for the next guy that she probably has been texting for the last two months during your relationship.

Type 10. The Church Girls.

This type of Whatsapp Girls are the most ridiculous. They are the most “righteous” set of individuals. She is so “spotless” that she don’t tangle with the unbelievers. They are mostly online to chat their pastors and their fellows.

Be weary of this set of people. Their so called spotless personalities could have been compromised. A good religious person wouldn’t go about publicizing it. It could be seen in her actions.

Type 11. The Miss Jealousy.

“What were you doing online at 12:00 am this morning? shouldn’t you have been on bed? who was really keeping you awake?” Her random question most times can make you crampy.

You might not even be dating this girl, but she is so obsessed with you. She monitors your every move, and yet wouldn’t wanna date you.

Type 12. The Gossip Girls.

This type of Whatsapp Girls always go about talking about other people. Most of their online activities revolves round discussing people and their life style. This type of girls are highly branded talkative, and are not too good in keeping secrets.

Type 13. The Party Girls.

This type of girls are at every concert happening around the campus. They know every public bar and club house in their province.

This Whatsapp Girls are always the flirt type. Therefore, they normally go for the older richer guys for a date. They are not really up for a date. They just flirt for fun. Being around this type of ladies, you will have to put up with so many things.

Type 14. The Rock Chicks.

This type of Whatsapp Girls are always obsessed with rock stars for their high social status and dominance. Their every conversation revolves around rock stars and their life style. They grave attention for men and can often be found in strip clubs.

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Type 15. The Modest.

This type of Whatsapp Girls are mostly rare. Miss Modest believes in everything, and she is likely not realizing any hidden agenda of others.

She is sweet and polite. Guys can easily fall in love with her because of her polite nature.  She is kind to everyone. even though she is being used most times. She realizes how rudely people act towards her, yet she couldn’t act otherwise because it’s just her nature.

Type 16. The Indeed Perfect Queen.

This group are indeed almost next to the “perfect” Whatsapp Girls. They are best and the best at everything; they are beautiful, friendly, social, lovely, and has that charisma everyone talks about. She is kind to everyone. And almost everyone loves her and talks about her awesome reputation.

You will be affected by her humor with time. If you have a low self-esteem, you will start feeling like you are not on the same level with her.

Sometimes, you feel like she deserves someone better, and it frustrates you to date her because she has ruined your sense of pride.

Type 20. The Perfect Match (the keepers).

Most times, a just Whatsapp conversation turns into a blue day. With time, you get to feel relieved like your world has finally turned around.

She is a combination of all types of girls. Sweet and committed, beautiful in your eyes and always supports you. They definitely has all the qualities you have been waiting for.

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